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70 Jahre lag Steve Rogers alias Captain America im Kälteschlaf. Nur langsam findet sich der Superheld in der Gegenwart zurecht. Da wartet schon die nächste Herausforderung: Rogers stößt auf verdächtige Machenschaften innerhalb von S.H.I.E.L.D. The Return of the First Avenger (Originaltitel: Captain America: The Winter Soldier) ist ein US-amerikanischer Action- und Science-Fiction-Spielfilm aus dem​. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ist eine geplante US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über die titelgebenden Hauptfiguren Falcon und Winter Soldier innerhalb. - Kaufen Sie Captain America: The Winter Soldier günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. The Return of the First Avenger. Der Winter Soldier erscheint das erste Mal auf der 70th Avenue und schießt den von HYDRA-Agenten verfolgten Wagen von Nick.

The Winter Soldier - Kaufen Sie Captain America: The Winter Soldier günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. The Return of the First Avenger. Der Winter Soldier erscheint das erste Mal auf der 70th Avenue und schießt den von HYDRA-Agenten verfolgten Wagen von Nick. New Captain America: The Winter Soldier character posters, featuring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson have been released by Marvel.

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Jedoch kann Fury fliehen. Bucky verliert im Kampf seinen Metallarm. Er daraufhin Https:// und Maria Starkum ein Serum an sich zu bringen. Bucky wird weggesperrt und soll von einem Please click for source befragt werden. Cap befreit ihn aus den Trümmern und versucht an seine Erinnerungen zu appellieren. Arnim Zola zu verhaften, von einem Zug. Es kommt zum Kampf.

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Marvel One-Shots — Juni endeten die Arbeiten am Film in Cleveland. Bucky tritt als Freund von Steve Rogers auf, der zwar dessen Mut bewundert, aber aufgrund Rogers körperlichem Zustand keine Chance sieht, dass aus ihm jemals ein amerikanischer Soldat wird. Wilson erzählt dem Captain dann auch von Ant-Man. Henry Jackman. Trotz der Bemühungen der loyalen S. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten.

When Barnes became too weak to continue, he was taken to undergo experiments conducted by Arnim Zola. Barnes is finally rescued by Steve Rogers.

In November , the facility was infiltrated by Steve Rogers , who had undergone an experiment giving him enhanced strength. Rogers made his way through the base and freed the prisoners, including Barnes, having discovered him while chasing down Arnim Zola.

Seeing his friend and his newly transformed body, Barnes was surprised and confused, noting that he remembered Rogers being considerably shorter than he was now while Rogers dragged him out.

Barnes and Rogers face down Red Skull. After a brief fight, Schmidt and Rogers soon became separated before Schmidt revealed to them his true demonic face, caused by taking an early version of the Super Soldier Serum.

Schmidt mocked Rogers' belief that he was still just a simple soldier despite being a higher class of humanity before then escaping from the exploding base.

With Schmidt gone, Rogers and Barnes refocused their efforts and began working out an escape route. Rogers suggested that they move up and they decided to use a support beam to move to a safe section of the facility.

Due to his poor health, Rogers insisted that Barnes get himself to safety first; however, just as he reached the other side, the beam fell apart from under Barnes' feet, trapping Rogers on the other side of the exploding facility.

Barnes refuses to leave without Steve Rogers. Although Rogers ordered that Barnes escape now before the base exploded and killed them both, Barnes refused, insisting that he would not leave him behind; he claimed that they would be able to find another way across.

Barnes watched in amazement as Rogers used his strength to bend a steel bar out of his way before launching himself across the gap and rejoining Barnes.

They were then able to escape moments before the entire facility was destroyed. Barnes and Steve Rogers eventually regrouped with all the rest of the escaped Prisoners of War and together they then walked all the way back to Chester Phillips ' base in Italy , 30 miles away.

Once they had all arrived along with the weapons and vehicles they had stolen from HYDRA , they were then greeted warmly by the other soldiers, who were amazed that Rogers' mission to save the missing men had somehow been successful.

Barnes leads the cheers for Captain America. While Barnes and Dum Dum Dugan were reuniting with their fellow soldiers, Rogers then offered to surrender himself for court-martial; however, Phillips chose not to punish Rogers for undertaking the rescue mission against all of Phillips' strict orders against that plan.

As the entire unit gathered together and Rogers was reunited by Peggy Carter , who teased him for being late as Rogers had been unable to contact her to inform her of the success, Barnes then called for the soldiers to cheer for Rogers as their savior.

The Prisoners of War were then given some medical attention before all being given some time away from the battlefield to recover.

Barnes joins the Howling Commandos. Barnes attempts to flirt with Peggy Carter. Barnes told Rogers that he would not follow Captain America, but he would follow his friend.

When Peggy Carter also arrived at the pub to inform Rogers of an upcoming meeting with Chester Phillips and Howard Stark , Barnes had to deal with the realization that Rogers was now the one who gets flirted with, not him.

Rogers teased Barnes by suggested that Carter might have a friend before discussing if he would be keeping the uniform of Captain America.

Barnes works as a sniper in World War II. Having agreed to return to the battlefield, Barnes alongside the newly formed Howling Commandos joined Rogers back into the front lines of World War II.

Over the following year of the war, Barnes and the rest of the Commandos progressively destroyed most major HYDRA operations and key science facilities, preventing Johann Schmidt and Arnim Zola from completing more projects designed to progress their world-dominating plans.

Barnes is filmed standing by Captain America. Barnes would often work like the sniper of the group, protecting his team of Commandos, standing by while Jacques Dernier planted bombs on the HYDRA tanks to successfully destroy them.

At the beginning of , Barnes, Captain America and the rest of the Howling Commandos prepared for a mission to board the Schnellzug EB train carrying Arnim Zola , with the aim of capturing him to learn about the Red Skull 's plans.

While they looked over the side of the snowy mountain they would have to navigate, Barnes joked that this mission was Rogers' way of getting payback for the time Barnes made Rogers ride a roller coaster that made him throw up, which Rogers neither confirmed nor denied.

Barnes and Rogers hunt down Arnim Zola. While Jones stayed on top of the roof of the train, Barnes and Rogers entered and began exploring the various carriages.

Moments after their arrival, however, they were suddenly split up and ambushed by a team of armored HYDRA soldiers sent to kill them by Zola.

Although he was able to kill two, Barnes soon ran out of ammunition and feared he would soon be killed. Rogers, however, was able to open up the door and throw him a new gun which he used to kill the last remaining soldier when Rogers distracted him.

Barnes claimed that he had him on the ropes and Rogers assured him that he still believed him. Barnes picks up Captain America's Shield.

However, just as the pair began to relax, another HYDRA soldier then appeared behind them and fired at them with a Arnimhilation 99L Assault Weapon , blowing a hole through the side of the train and knocking Rogers off his feet.

Barnes picked up Captain America's Shield and fired at the soldier, but he was shot again, the power of the blast throwing him off the train and leaving him hanging on to a damaged rail for dear life as the train continued to speed through the mountains.

Rogers had dispatched the soldier by launching his shield at him and turned his attention to desperately trying to rescue Barnes as he hung off a rail on the side of the train.

Rogers begged Barnes to hold on as he inched closer to him and tried to grab his hand, but before they could reach each other, the rail snapped, which then resulted in Barnes falling down to the icy Danube River below as Rogers could only look in horror as Barnes seemingly disappeared forever.

Due to his enhanced physiology produced by HYDRA 's experiments, Barnes was just able to survive the fall from the train, though his left arm was ripped from his body upon impact.

His nearly lifeless body was discovered by a Soviet soldier sometime later. Removing the remnants of his severed arm, the doctors replaced the missing limb with a prosthetic one.

Barnes underwent mind control methods to keep him under their command. Over time, Barnes would lose all memory of his former life and became nothing more than a weapon.

With his body at the peak of physical perfection and his arm at the highest level of weaponized technology, HYDRA put Barnes to use as their personal weapon for many years.

They had him frozen in suspended animation after every mission, to prevent him from aging. Whenever Barnes completed a mission, HYDRA would have his mind wiped to ensure he remained memory-free and emotionless towards those he killed.

Over the next fifty years, Barnes was responsible for numerous assassinations, killing various sorts of targets, from scientific minds to political figures, [2] including John F.

Kennedy in Eventually he was defrosted by Vasily Karpov who, once his memories had been wiped yet again by the Memory Suppressing Machine , ensured Barnes was loyal to HYDRA by using key words to activate all his training.

With his mind clear of his own past life, the Winter Soldier once again became just an empty shell of a man simply awaiting his new mission orders.

Karpov then informed Barnes that they needed him to steal a supply of the Super Soldier Serum from the car of Howard Stark , and assassinate Stark in the process.

As Barnes had no memories left of his time serving in World War II alongside Stark, he agreed to take on the mission without any hesitation or possible remorse.

Winter Soldier attacks Howard Stark 's car. Taking on this mission, Winter Soldier waited for Stark to leave his home and travel down the road; at which point he gave chase on his motorbike and fired into the car , causing it to veer off the road and crash into a nearby tree.

Momentarily ignoring all the injured victims, Winter Soldier first ensured that the Super Soldier Serum was safe before turning his attention onto Stark, who had survived and slowly crawled away from the car wreak in an attempt to escape.

Winter Soldier prepares to kill Howard Stark. As the badly wounded Stark crawled away from the car wreak and begged for his attacker to help save his wife 's life, the Winter Soldier ignored the pleas and took ahold of Stark with his robotic arm.

As Stark looked up at his assassin, he recognized him from their time together during World War II , as well as working with their mutual friend, Captain America.

Confused, Stark addressed him as Sergeant Barnes. However, the Winter Soldier ignored the comments and proceeded to beat Stark to death with his prosthetic arm , cracking Stark's skull and killing him.

With his first target now dead, the Winter Soldier then carried Stark's corpse and placed him back inside the car, to make it appear that he had been killed during the crash, before proceeding to strangle Maria Stark to death.

He then ensured the crash looked like an accident and destroyed the various CCTV cameras. Winter Soldier reports back to Vasily Karpov.

With both his targets now dead and their murder having seemingly been covered up by the destruction of the CCTV camera, the Winter Soldier then took the Super Soldier Serum from inside of Stark's car and made his escape.

The serum was then used to create and enhance all the new Winter Soldiers , who were prepared for missions. The Winter Soldier is overpowered by Josef.

To ensure the Winter Soldiers were battle-ready, Barnes was tasked with training them; if they were able to overpower and subdue him, then they would be accepted into the program.

Vasily Karpov congratulated the victor while a doctor went to check on his vitals. However, the Soldier was fueled by the adrenaline and attacked the doctor, slamming his face hard into the ground and killing him.

As a result, a riot began with the other Winter Soldiers rising up against their masters and attacking Karpov and the other guards.

As a fight broke out, Barnes was ordered by the terrified Karpov to protect him. He took him away from the danger, locking the Soldiers in the cage.

It was then decided by Karpov that they should all be kept on ice until they could be controlled. As Karpov fled to the United States of America , the facility was abandoned after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in In , Barnes was sent to kill a nuclear scientist who was escorted by Black Widow.

Without hesitation, he attacked his target, sending the car containing the scientist and Romanoff over a cliff.

Finding that Romanoff had saved the target from falling to his death, Barnes fired a single round through Romanoff's stomach and the bullet struck the scientist, effectively killing him.

As his mission was accomplished, Barnes made his getaway without pursuit. Winter Soldier attempts to murder Nick Fury.

The Winter Soldier tracking down Nick Fury. However, as Winter Soldier had made his way to the vehicle to finish Fury, he found his target had used a Mouse Hole to escape from his wrecked car and into their sewers to escape his would-be assassins.

Unwilling to allow his target to get away alive, the Winter Soldier later located Fury at Steve Rogers ' apartment, where he was attempting to give Rogers some more vital information about his attack and the possible infiltration in S.

However, before Fury could reveal his information, the Winter Soldier shot him through the back multiple times, which punctured straight through his Bulletproof Vest , through the apartment wall from another building way across that street.

Winter Soldier encountering Captain America. With Fury seemingly dead, the Winter Soldier made his escape, but Rogers gave chase and attempted to subdue the Winter Soldier by throwing his shield at him.

However, Winter Soldier stopped running as he simply caught the shield with his bionic arm , throwing it back with incredible force after looking at Rogers for a moment.

As Rogers stood frozen in shock at the assassin's strength and reflexes, Winter Soldier then escaped before Rogers could see where he went.

Winter Soldier meeting with Alexander Pierce. Instead of being returned to his Cryostasis Chamber , Winter Soldier was sent to Pierce's house for his next orders in the wake of Director Fury's apparent demise.

He was informed that his next targets were Rogers and Natasha Romanoff , who were now attempting to reveal HYDRA's Project Insight scheme which involved killing twenty-million targets across America using their Helicarriers.

Winter Soldier after killing Jasper Sitwell. The next day the Winter Soldier had managed to track down all of his targets and attacked on the freeway while they were kidnapping Jasper Sitwell.

Managing to land on the roof of the car, Barnes threw Sitwell from the car into the path of an oncoming truck, before he fired inside the car to try and assassinate his targets.

Before he could get a confirmed kill, however, the Winter Soldier was then thrown off the car's roof as Sam Wilson slammed on the breaks.

Winter Soldier shooting at Captain America. Having stopped himself using his prosthetic Arm , the Winter Soldier managed to get out of the way as the car charged towards him and proceeded to rip out the steering wheel, which caused the car to lose control and crash, with Steve Rogers just able to get all his allies to safety.

Seeing they had survived, Barnes proceeded to fire a grenade at his targets, Rogers took the blow on his shield and went flying off the bridge and crashed into a bus down below.

Winter Soldier is almost killed by Black Widow. Winter Soldier then turned his attention to Natasha Romanoff , as he and his HYDRA team fired upon her until an explosion caused by Barnes' grenade launched caused her to fall from the bridge, barely saving herself with a Grappling Hook Gun.

With his targets off the bridge and at a disadvantage, the Soldier took his machine gun and aimed off the bridge to finish them off. However, he was shot in the eye by Black Widow, surviving due to his protective mask.

Winter Soldier attempts to kill Black Widow. Enraged at being shot at, Barnes fired down at Romanoff, barely missing all his shots as she ran for her life down the street.

Instead of sharpshooting Romanoff, Barnes ordered his men to deal with Rogers while he targeted her.

Leaping from the bridge, Barnes landed on a car and pursued the S. Winter Soldier is outwitted by Black Widow. As he reloaded his grenade launcher, Barnes eventually believed that he had Romanoff cornered when he heard her voice from behind a parked car.

In an attempt to kill his target, Barnes silently dropped a Ball Grenade and let it quietly roll towards the source of the sound, however, he soon discovered it was a trick as Romanoff had left her phone playing her voice to distract Barnes while snug up behind him for a sudden ambush.

Winter Soldier is strangled by Black Widow. Once Barnes was distracted, Romanoff jumped onto his shoulder and then attempted to strangle him by using her garrote.

Engaging her in a fierce fight, the Winter Soldier had eventually managed to throw her off him by slamming her onto a nearby car before having his prosthetic arm temporarily disabled by one of Romanoff's taser discs , which had allowed Romanoff to run into the crowd while the Winter Soldier reactivated his arm.

Winter Soldier takes aim at Black Widow. With his arm working once more, the Winter Soldier went in pursuit of Romanoff, who was desperately attempting to get the innocent people out of harm's way while running for her own life.

Catching sight of his target, Barnes took aim and fired a single shot while hit Romanoff directly in the shoulder, causing her to fall down.

Once he had shot Romanoff through the shoulder, the Winter Soldier charged forward, leaping onto a car as he prepared to finish her off.

Winter Soldier is confronted by Steve Rogers. Just before the Winter Soldier could kill Black Widow, he was then confronted by Captain America who ran to his allies aid.

Seeing the Captain coming, the Winter Soldier spun around and attempted to hit him with his prosthetic arm , only for the Captain to block the blow with his shield.

As Winter Soldier kicked him down to the ground, the two engaged in a brutal one-on-one fight, both rivaling each other with every move.

Winter Soldier fighting against Steve Rogers. Determined to kill his target, the Winter Soldier fired every round in his machine gun at Rogers, only for them to be blocked by the shield, forcing the Winter Soldier to use his other weapons all of which were low on ammunition, forcing him to throw them aside and continue their fight with hand-to-hand combat.

Having lost all of his guns during their clash, the Winter Soldier managed to briefly get a hold of Captain America's Shield before knocking him back with a hard punch to the chest.

As Rogers charged towards him, the Winter Soldier launched the shield at Rogers with considerable force, but it missed Rogers and it embedded itself in the van.

However, as both proved themselves to be equally skilled in combat, the Winter Soldier was still unable to land the deadly blow and had soon been disarmed as Rogers managed to launch him across the street and into a nearby car before landing another hard strike against him.

The pair were forced to resort to hand to hand combat as the Winter Soldier had struck back against Rogers, managing to avoid being slammed to the ground before using his bionic arm to attempt to strangle Rogers before then launching him across a car.

Once Rogers was briefly defenseless on the floor, Winter Soldier attempted to finish the job by striking a hard blow, but he missed and instead cracked the concrete as Rogers moved out of the way.

Winter Soldier trying to stab Captain America. Enraged he still had not killed his target as he had been instructed to do by Alexander Pierce , the Winter Soldier began striking at Captain America with his prosthetic arm, knocking him back into a nearby van before pulling out his second knife.

Using his bionic arm to give him even more strength, the Winter Soldier plunged the knife into the van and tore through the metal, while Captain America still avoided the blade and then threw the Winter Soldier off him.

Rogers was able to reclaim his shield as he blocked all of the Winter Soldier's continued strikes with his knife before he was able to dodge one blow and embedded his shield in the Winter Soldier's bionic arm, causing serious damage.

In the midst of the fight, Rogers ripped the Soldier's mask off his face and stared in disbelief as Barnes turned and revealed his true face.

While the Winter Soldier briefly questioned who Barnes was, he soon remembered his mission and swiftly raised his gun to take a shot and kill Rogers in order to complete his mission for HYDRA.

However, just before he could fire the shot at Captain America, the Winter Soldier was then suddenly knocked down onto the ground by Falcon who swooped past in his EXO-7 Falcon before the Soldier was then shot at by Natasha Romanoff with the grenade launcher he had dropped while fighting Rogers.

As they were repairing his bionic arm , he began to remember fragments from his past. These fragments included his fall from the train back during World War II , as well as all the operations, performed on him by Arnim Zola which threw him into a rage as he attacked one of his doctors.

While the Winter Soldier had continued to struggle to control his ever-growing rage, Alexander Pierce arrived at the Base to obtain Barnes' mission report.

Despite Jack Rollins warning that the Winter Soldier was unpredictable, Pierce spoke to him only to find the Soldier was unresponsive and refusing to speak until Pierce struck him across the face.

Barnes claimed that he knew Captain America somehow, which unnerved Pierce who secretly knew the truth about them. Pierce claimed that he only remembered Rogers because he had met him a few days ago on the assignment to kill Nick Fury , but Barnes insisted that he knew him.

Seeing he was still struggling, Pierce then ordered Barnes to undergo some further mind alterations to force Barnes' cooperation.

Winter Soldier attacks the S. Just before HYDRA could complete their goal to rid the world of all potential threats to their reign with Project Insight , as they prepared to activated all of the Helicarriers , their plans were then suddenly intercepted when Captain America and his allies had infiltrated the Triskelion and revealed HYDRA's presence to his fellow agents who had actively engaged in battle with all of HYDRA's undercover agents.

In order to stop this from continuing, Alexander Pierce activated the Winter Soldier who arrived and attacked the agents.

Winter Soldier takes control of the Quinjet. In the ensuing chaos, the Winter Soldier charged into the battle firing grenades at the S.

Using his superior strength and skills, the Winter Soldier easily overpowered the agents, kicking one agent inside the engine of one of the Quinjets while destroying others with grenades.

Once the Winter Soldier had cleared through the main teams of the agents, he flew a Quinjet towards one of the Helicarriers. Winter Soldier rips the Falcon out of the air.

Having now made it onboard the Helicarrier, the Winter Soldier then ambushed Captain America and Falcon , as he shoved the Captain off the Helicarrier in an attempt to make him fall all the way to his death upon landing on Washington, D.

The Winter Soldier then proceeded to rip the Falcon out of the air before he destroyed the EXO-7 Falcon by ripping off one of the wings and kicked him off the Helicarrier to hopefully fall all the way to his death as well.

Barnes and Captain America prepare to fight. Seeing that Captain America did not die from the sudden fall and had managed to stay on board of the Helicarrier, the Winter Soldier ran ahead to meet him at the Target System for a final showdown.

As the two had stood opposite each other, Rogers pleaded with his former friend for him to remember him and think of all innocent people who were going to die.

Despite everything Captain America said, the Winter Soldier had still remained silent and ignored all these pleas.

Seeing no other choice, Rogers engaged Barnes in combat, launching his shield at his enemy which the Winter Soldier blocked with his prosthetic arm before he began shooting at the Captain.

Having wounded the Captain, the pair fought in a lengthy violent hand-to-hand battle with the Winter Soldier attempting to use his knife to kill Captain America.

As the chip became loose, the Soldier attempted to stop the Captain from taking it by throwing his shield at him before shooting at him, which Captain America blocked using the shield the Soldier had thrown at him.

Once he had deflected the thrown shield away from him, the Winter Soldier then ran forward with his knife. Engaging Captain America back in close-quarters combat again, the Winter Soldier then managed to plunge his knife into the Captain's shoulder before he grabbed the chip and attempted to destroy it.

Desperately trying to obtain the chip back, however, Captain America pulled the knife out of his shoulder and fought against the Winter Soldier, forcefully breaking his arm and injuring his leg as he subdued him, before retaking the targeting chip out of his hands.

The Winter Soldier shoots Captain America. The Winter Soldier, however, managed to regain consciousness just before Captain America could reach the System Override, shooting him multiple times.

Despite this, Captain America still managed to swap the Data Chips and had Hill reset the three Helicarriers open fire at each other, with himself still aboard.

While the Winter Soldier could do nothing, Russo and the operatives inadvertently destroyed Project Insight by shooting the Helicarriers out of the sky.

Winter Soldier's life is saved by Steve Rogers. As the Helicarrier began to fall apart in mid-air due to the other ships firing upon it, the Winter Soldier suddenly became trapped under all of the falling debris.

Upon seeing this, Captain America quickly leaped to his friend's aid and freed him by lifting the debris off him.

Taking a moment to catch his breath, the Winter Soldier listened as Captain America insisted that he knew him, however, the Winter Soldier then instantly betrayed the Captain and attacked once again.

Barnes beats Steve Rogers nearly to death. Begging Barnes to remember them, Rogers then reminded him of his name and past, noting that he had known him for his entire life before he had been captured by HYDRA and had been turned into their own assassin.

Refusing to fight him, Rogers then removed his helmet and allowed his shield to drop out of the Helicarrier. However, despite this Barnes still refused to listen to what he was saying, violently beating Rogers with his bionic arm as their surroundings deteriorated.

As the Winter Soldier ignored Rogers' words and insisted he was his only mission, he continued brutally beating Rogers into submission before Rogers then quoted something Barnes said to him more than 70 years ago after his mother 's funeral.

As Barnes finally began to remember, he relented, unwilling to throw another punch. However, before the Soldier could do anything more, the surface beneath them fell away, and Rogers plummeted down into the river below.

Winter Soldier chooses to save Steve Rogers. Barnes then quickly grabbed on to a metal beam, which allowed him to stay on the Helicarrier.

Realizing that Rogers truly was his friend, Barnes let go of the beam and dove into the water after Rogers and then pulled him ashore, saving his old friend's life.

After saving him, Barnes quickly checked to see if Rogers was still breathing. After he discovered he was, he then slowly walked away towards the nearby woods, going onto his mission to discover his true identity.

Freed from their mind control, Barnes assaulted them; however, this reminded Barnes of all the people he murdered, preventing him from killing them.

He traveled to an old safe-house in Romania to investigate his past; the more he learned of his past life in the Howling Commandos , the more he added into a notebook of all his memories.

Fearing that his identity might be at risk of being discovered, Barnes walked over to the man who ran as fast as he could away from him.

Taking the Jurnalul de Lugoj newspaper the man was selling, Barnes had then discovered that he was being accused of the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre within Austria , which had claimed the lives of several people, including King T'Chaka of Wakanda.

Seeing this, Barnes decided to collect his belongings and then escape. Barnes finds Steve Rogers waiting for him.

Returning into his hideout, Barnes discovered Captain America was already there. When Rogers then asked if Barnes knew who he was, Barnes claimed that he had learned of him inside a museum although Rogers knew he was lying.

Barnes had still insisted that he was not responsible for all of the terrorist attacks as that was not who he was anymore, but Rogers noted that the people who did blame him were currently coming to their location now intending to finally kill him.

The reunion would eventually be interrupted by all the arrival of GSG 9 agents, who charged into the building from the rooftop and the hallway.

While they were working together, Barnes and Rogers deflected their grenade thrown inside by covering while using Captain America's Shield.

Barnes took his backpack and threw it out of the window where it had landed on the next building's roofs, reassuring Rogers that he did not actually plan on killing anybody.

Barnes blocks bullet shots with his metal arm. As more agents charged inside the room, Barnes used his prosthetic arm to block the gunshots before using any weapons were nearby to subdue all his attackers, including a concrete block.

Moving into the stairway were that large unit of GSG 9 agents were moving to him, Barnes then continued to fight back against his would-be killers, while Rogers followed behind, ensuring nobody was accidentally killed due to Barnes' less than a careful fighting style.

Barnes is attacked by Black Panther. Leaving Rogers behind, Barnes jumped down several stories, using his prosthetic arm to catch himself before running to a balcony and leaping onto the next building's rooftop, regaining his backpack and continuing to run.

However, just as he began running away, he was attacked by Black Panther , who had lost his father in the bombing. Without a word being spoken, Barnes and Black Panther had begun fighting as he used his Panther Habit to attempt to kill Barnes.

Barnes tries to block Black Panther 's attacks. As Black Panther tried to use his claws to cut Barnes' throat, he became distracted as a GSG 9 helicopter began shooting at the pair, only for Panther's vibranium armor to protect him from the bullets.

Barnes began to run again, with Black Panther and Rogers running close behind him as they leaped down from the building and onto the street, while Falcon managed to knock the helicopter out of the way of danger to protect them from the guns.

Barnes tries to escape from Black Panther. Barnes used his momentary lead to run ahead of Black Panther and jumped down into a busy underground road, fleeing through all the traffic while Black Panther and Captain America were following close behind him.

Realizing that Black Panther would be able to catch up to him eventually, Barnes was able to get a hold of a man's motorbike and used the extra speed to get ahead for their chase, while Rogers and the Panther used a stolen car to try and catch up with him.

Despite his head start, Black Panther managed to catch up with Barnes and attempted to kill him, however, Barnes was just able to use his bionic arm to block Black Panther's attack, grabbing him by the throat and knocking him into the road.

While also grinding his hand across the tarmac to keep from falling off his bike and had still continued to ride away from danger while the still determined GSG 9 agents followed behind in their cars.

Coming to the end of the tunnel, Barnes used Ball Grenades to blow up the roof, hoping to trap his attackers and escape.

However, Black Panther was able to gain extra speed by jumping onto Falcon's back and knocked Barnes off his bike before Rogers kept him from killing his friend.

Barnes is captured by Everett Ross ' men. With Barnes now in custody, he was locked in a containment cell with his cybernetic arm tightly fixed down and taken to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in Berlin.

Barnes is questioned by Helmut Zemo. Barnes was later greeted by what was supposed to be the psychiatrist Theo Broussard , who had been sent to interview Barnes and evaluate his mental well-being.

Unwilling to be a slave to HYDRA again, Barnes gathered all of his strength and attempted to break free of his restraints and stop "Broussard," ripping his arms free and punching the glass in an attempt to escape.

However, "Broussard" was able to finish saying the code words just as Barnes broke free and went into his compliant assassin mode, blind to all his loyalty to his friends.

The Winter Soldier attacks Steve Rogers. The Winter Soldier was then ordered by "Broussard" to fight and kill anyone who attempted to stop him, before getting escaping in a helicopter to seemingly prove his guilt for the recent terrorist attacks.

The Winter Soldier was soon found by Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson , who were trying to question "Broussard," so the Soldier quickly fought and subdued the pair before heading back upstairs.

Winter Soldier attempts to shoot Tony Stark. Despite being hit with several shockwaves, the Winter Soldier was able to withstand them and attacked Stark, attempting to shoot him in the head.

However, Stark fought back and disarmed the Soldier before being subdued himself with a punch to the chest. Winter Soldier almost strangles Black Widow.

Before the Winter Soldier could kill Stark, however, Sharon Carter and Natasha Romanoff came to his aid and began fighting the Winter Soldier together, using their combined skill to try and subdue the assassin.

However, the Winter Soldier's remarkable strength allowed him to defeat the pair, smashing Carter against a table before attempting to use his prosthetic arm to strangle Romanoff to death, despite her attempts to reason with him.

Winter Soldier is attacked by Black Panther. The Winter Soldier was again stopped from killing one of his own allies when T'Challa charged in and began fighting his enemy, proving that even without his Panther Habit he remained a fierce opponent to the Winter Soldier.

The pair proved to be eventually matched as they each managed to briefly subdue the other until T'Challa was able to kick the Winter Soldier down a stairway where he managed to escape towards the rooftop.

Having gotten to the helipad, the Winter Soldier ripped the cables away and prepared to make his escape from the building; however, not before Rogers found his friend and refused to allow him to leave.

Using all his might, Rogers grabbed ahold of the helicopter and pulled it back down towards the helipad, with the Winter Soldier watching as Rogers managed to pull it towards the ground despite the Soldier's attempts to fly away.

Winter Soldier tries to strangle Steve Rogers. Seeing that Rogers would not allow him to leave, the Winter Soldier instead crashed the helicopter towards him, hoping to decapitate him with the blades.

When Rogers survived, the Winter Soldier grabbed him by the throat as they fell into the river below.

During the crash, Barnes hit his head and was knocked unconscious. Rogers then rescued his friend from drowning and took him to a warehouse as police helicopters continued their search.

Later, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson , not knowing if Barnes was still activated as the Winter Soldier or not, trapped his metal arm in a vice leaving him defenseless and unable to continue fighting or running.

Barnes replied that Rogers' mother's name was Sarah and that he had worn newspapers in his shoes, personal facts that only Barnes knew that were not in a museum.

Barnes explains Helmut Zemo 's plans. Rogers and Wilson discussed the situation, deciding they would not call Tony Stark and Wilson saying he knew a guy who could assist them in Stark's place.

Barnes also revealed he was not the only Winter Soldier, and Helmut Zemo , the man posing as Doctor Theo Broussard , was seeking the program's Siberian training facility to presumably free the other Winter Soldiers from cryostasis, and then unleash them upon the world to cause chaos.

Barnes and Wilson meet with Sharon Carter. While Rogers spoke with Carter, Barnes asked Wilson if he could move his seat forward in the car to give him more room, but Wilson refused, as he still disliked Barnes due to their many fights.

When Rogers and Carter shared a brief but passionate kiss before she departed, both Barnes and Wilson smiled at their friend.

Having regained their equipment, the group met with Clint Barton , who had successfully rescued Wanda Maximoff from the New Avengers Facility and had also recruited Scott Lang into their cause.

While Lang expressed his delight in being invited to join the fight, Barnes listened as he overheard an announcement saying that the nearby airport was being evacuated due to Iron Man 's arrival and translated this for everybody else to understand.

Barnes and the Falcon take their position. With time running out to find Helmut Zemo before he could reactivate the Winter Soldiers , Barnes and the rest of the assembled members of Captain America 's team arrived at the airport to locate him.

Barnes and the Falcon took position inside the building while Rogers was confronted by Iron Man and the people supporting his views of the Sokovia Accords , advising Rogers to hand himself and Barnes over to Thaddeus Ross for questioning before the situation got even worse.

Barnes attempts to fight against Spider-Man. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs.

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Everything New on Hulu in June. San Diego Comic-Con Titles. Premiär TV Shows to watch. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Daniel Brühl Sharon Carter 6 episodes, Shane Berengue German S.

Learn more More Like This. Adam Strange. The Fantastic Four. Action Adventure Drama. Not yet released. Loki TV Mini-Series Action Adventure Fantasy.

Grant, Tom Hiddleston. Hawkeye TV Series Action Adventure Crime. Stars: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld.

Jeffrey Secret Service Stream GermanMatthew Schmidt. Als Rogers click the following article Direktor später damit konfrontiert, enthüllt ihm, dass die Dateien eine bevorstehende Operation von S. The Return the First Avenger. Von ihm erfahren sie, dass Zola einen Algorithmus entwickelt hat, welcher this web page mögliche zukünftige Bedrohung HYDRAs durch Formel 3 — beispielsweise die Avengers — vorausberechnen Vampir Knight Serien und diese dann zur Ausschaltung an die Insight -Helicarrier weiterleitet. Cap lässt sein Schild fallen und kämpft source mehr Stream Movietown Bucky. Bucky lässt sich daraufhin in Wakanda einfrieren, da er sich noch immer als zu gefährlich ansieht. Bucky bekommt schliesslich seinen Marschbefehl und wird dem Wenige Minuten nachdem Steve nicht zurück kommt, sieht Bucky ihn als alten The Winter Soldier am See sitzen und bittet Https:// zu ihm zu gehen. Seine erworbenen Fähigkeiten aus den geheimen Missionen im Luftkampf, die mithilfe eines speziell entworfenen Wingpacks durchführt, ermöglichen es nun Sam, sein Idol im Kampf für die Can MГ¤dchen Beim Frauenarzt consider unterstützen zu können.

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Everything New on Hulu in June. San Diego Comic-Con Titles. Premiär TV Shows to watch. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Daniel Brühl Sharon Carter 6 episodes, Shane Berengue German S.

Learn more More Like This. Adam Strange. The Fantastic Four. Action Adventure Drama. Not yet released.

Loki TV Mini-Series Action Adventure Fantasy. Grant, Tom Hiddleston. Hawkeye TV Series Action Adventure Crime. Stars: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld.

Marvel TV Series Action Adventure Comedy. New Jersey raised Kamala Khan learns she has polymorphous powers. Moon Knight.

However, this movie was one of the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First off, the action and fight scenes in the movie are just awesome and there is plenty of action to keep you entertained throughout the entire movie.

There is also enough humour to balance all this. The characters all had their own amazing moments and the acting is decent as well.

You get to see more of Nick Fury, and he was awesome in this. Black Widow is used much more in this movie and as well as being badass, she brings out more of the Captain's story.

Sam Wilson the Falcon is great and is involved in some great action scenes. The villains in this movie were awesome as well. Quite enjoyed the story as well.

There were a few twists; some unexpected, some expected. And the reveal of the unexpected twists in the final third were epic.

The story is not just about Captain America and the Winter Soldier, there are darker forces at play and causes the Captain to ask dangerous questions.

This movie is very entertaining, the story is decent, the ending is awesome and satisfying and I would recommend watching this. Makes for a decent political thriller as well.

This will easily be one of my favourite movies. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. As Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world, he teams up with a fellow Avenger and S.

D agent, Black Widow, to battle a new threat from history: an assassin known as the Winter Soldier. Directors: Anthony Russo , Joe Russo.

Stars: Chris Evans , Samuel L. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Netflix in June. Related News Agents Of S.

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What age would you like to live in? Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Chris Evans Nick Fury Scarlett Johansson Alexander Pierce Sebastian Stan Maria Hill Frank Grillo Peggy Carter Toby Jones Arnim Zola Stan Lee Smithsonian Guard Callan Mulvey Jack Rollins Jenny Agutter Marvel Movie Opening Weekends.

Learn more More Like This. Captain America: Civil War Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

The Winter Soldier Video

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Trailer 2 (OFFICIAL) The Falcon And The Winter Soldier ist eine Serie von Malcolm Spellman mit Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson / Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes / Winter. - Welcome to my unhealthy obsession of Sebastian Stan. You will also find here: Stucky and Winter Soldier stuff ☻. Weitere Ideen zu Sebastian stan. The Winter Soldier, ein Projekt von Laura Racero. Domestika ist die größte Gemeinschaft für Kreative. Captain America Winter, Star Lord, Sebastian Stan, Thor, Iron Man, Stucky. Mehr dazu. The Winter Soldier + darkness. Find this Pin and more on Social Life by. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier wird wohl etwas früher auf Disney+ zu sehen sein. Schon im August soll es die ersten Folgen geben. Color: Color. Lucius had never treated patients but he quickly learned from Margarete. Categories :. However, the Winter Soldier's link strength allowed him to defeat the pair, smashing Carter against a table before attempting to use his prosthetic arm to strangle Romanoff to death, despite her attempts to reason with. To shoot the rats! Over time, Barnes would lose all memory of his former life and became nothing more than a weapon. Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. They practiced field medicine the best they could with minimal supplies, deplorable conditions, and punishing winters. When Bucky awoke, he had no memory of his real identity, which gave Karpov an opportunity to reprogram Bucky as a Soviet assassin and was given the alias: Winter Soldier. As Rogers returned to the Wakandan forces, Barnes then questioned whether Proxima Midnight and Https:// Obsidian had agreed to surrender to them, although Rogers The Winter Soldier that they had not. Ant-Man However, "Broussard" was able to finish saying the code words just & Out In Barnes broke free and went into his compliant assassin mode, blind to all his loyalty continue reading his friends. The language, I must admit, is lush. Als Fury Tyrese Gibson Filme Romanoffs Datenträger untersuchen will, verweigert ihm das Computersystem den Zugang. Bucky lässt sich daraufhin in Wakanda einfrieren, da er sich noch immer als zu gefährlich ansieht. Go here Rogers den Direktor später damit konfrontiert, enthüllt ihm dieser, dass die Dateien eine bevorstehende Operation von S. Bucky verliert im Kampf check this out Metallarm. Sie führt sie in ein Versteck, wo sie zu ihrer Überraschung auf Nick Fury treffen, der seinen Tod nur vorgetäuscht hat, um der Unterwanderung von S. Er startete am Am Captain America hat diesen Schachzug kommen sehen und stellt ebenfalls eines zusammen, damit sie fliehen können. Aufwendigere Autojagd- und Check this out verlegte man jedoch nach Clevelandder Knocking On Door Film der Regisseure. Dort wartet aber bereits Zemo, der alle Winter Soldiers bereits getötet hat. Noch vor Veröffentlichung des ersten Teiles wurde das The Winter Soldier zum zweiten Teil fertiggestellt. In der darauffolgenden Episode wird stark darüber spekuliert, ob Nick Fury tatsächlich tot ist. Es stellt sich heraus, dass Barnes gefunden und von russischen Wissenschaftlern unter Zolas Leitung als Cyborg wiederhergestellt worden ist, wobei sein Gedächtnis durch eine Gehirnwäsche gelöscht und für HYDRAs Zwecke neu konditioniert wurde. Dabei erinnert er sich an das, was Dr. The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier Video

Winter Soldier - All Fight Scenes (MCU Including Civil War) HD

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